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Air Conditioning

A cool, comfortable home for you. That is our mission, providing reliable air conditioning repair, maintenance and complete air conditioning replacement.


When your air conditioning equipment needs service, we will send a qualified technician to your home or place of business. We service all brands of air conditioning equipment.



Indoor Air Quality IAQ


Your home's indoor air quality directly affects your health.


We have been telling people for 27 years about water filtration. People always ask, "Do I need a filter?". We explain, "You either have a filter or you are one!"


The same is true for indoor air quality. All the air in your home goes through your air conditioning system. Do you think you could benefit from a system that cleans the air as it cools.


Anyone with allergies to: mold, pollen, bacteria, pet dander and dust mites - they all pass through your air conditioning system - and YOU!


Choosing an air conditioning system and components that improves your indoor air quality is something to consider.


We offer a wide range of products and system options designed to improve your IAQ

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Maintenance Agreement


• Receive 15% discount on service repairs

• Lower utility bills by up to 30% because we will be caring for your equipment

• Clean coils to improve the capacity of the system for maximum output desired.

• Priority customers come first and increase the life of their equipment with annual maintenance.

• Improve your general health decreasing dust and air born particles with high efficiency

 filters and equipment which lower humidity and control temperature levels.


Rebates & Discounts on installations


• Florida Power & Light

  Up to $1930 instant discount on qualifying systems for FPL Customers


You could receive at tax time, 10% off cost of your replacement (up to $300) maximum when you file your returns.

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